How do I correctly size a Paddle?

Learn the easiest methods for choosing the right size for you.

Canoe Paddles

From ultra-light carbon to tradition wooden beavertail. We've got you covered.

Kayak Paddles

Traditional Wooden or ultra-light hybrid styles, you've come to the right place.

Why Bent Shafts?

What is the advantage of Bent vs Straight? When should straight be the choice?

Canoe Stroke Efficiency

Great research by George Arimond, Ph.D. The Physics of the Stroke

Sculler Paddle

Need a one handed paddle for fishing? We've got it!

Paddles on Sale

Great deals on Cosmetic Blem Paddles.

Paddle Bags

Protect your Canoe Paddles in travel bags. Luggage for your gear!


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Piragis Canoe Paddles and Kayak Paddles:

Why a website devoted just to paddles? Canoeing is our passion and we've found that there's one tool necessary to canoeing besides the boats themselves. Duh?! A good paddle! Why not just carry a couple of paddles and tout them as the best or our favorite you might ask? Well, a paddle is a very personal piece of equipment. How it fits in your hand, how long or short you prefer the shaft, how heavy it is and whether it has a bent or straight shaft are all varied and important features. These options are best decided when they combine to serve you in the most comfortable, affordable combination possible.

That's why there are so many choices (but that doesn't make your choice easy). That's why we've put together a website where you can compare these choices. A place where you can find out how to correctly size your paddle and discover other valuable information about canoe and kayak paddles. Got a question? Email us with any questions you might have and we'll get you an answer quickly!